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Kallco has a full complement of professional and technical staff in all areas of civil engineering, construction and management.

In addition, the company has an experienced labor force

to execute any project.

Our construction and engineering consultants are equipped to provide technical and construction management advice,

thus ensuring that all projects are completed at the highest 
standards, within budget and in a timely manner.


Kallco also has a full administrative and project department at its head office to support the operational and construction teams. Please refer to our organizational chart for more information.

Kallco also has an extensive health and safety department to meet the requirements of the OSH Act 2004.

Our team includes:
- Project managers
- Mechanical, electrical and civil engineers
- Site managers, site supervisors and construction technicians
- Safety managers
- Quality assurance/quality control staff
- Administrative and support staff
- Fitters, welders, machine operators and mechanics

Kallco Ltd Arvin Kalloo


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